Jocelyn is the founder of The Virtual Effect, an event planning company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, that curates connection and impact through meaningful events.  Through her work with clients, she creates event experiences that weave seamlessly into their brand and client connections.  Jocelyn runs her own series of events called Elevate, in which she creates opportunities for real connection and education on significant world issues through her Impact Events, including human trafficking and domestic violence.  Jocelyn is proud to work closely with WIN House, a domestic violence shelter in Edmonton, as the chair of their Ambassador Program, where she educates, advocates, and raises awareness on the work they do within the community.  In 2020, Jocelyn was featured as a TEDx speaker where she spoke passionately about human trafficking in our country. Her heart lays in giving back to the community, working with people who are making an impact, and creating real relationships.  A wife, a momma, a puppy momma, friend, daughter, sister, and auntie, relationships are what matter most to her.  



If you've been to a fundraising event in Edmonton, you've likely seen Rebecca there! She found her passion and experience in all things Community Engagement through her previous work with a Canadian jewelry company that is focused on supporting and empowering women. Driven by her heart for community, she takes pride in finding unique and thoughtful ways to support non-profit organizations. She is determined to leave things better than when she found them and to give voice to causes and people who need it most. Proud wife and mom make up her greatest accomplishments. She is a world traveler, a music lover, and self-proclaimed wine connoisseur.

Edmonton Best Corporate Event Planning M



Dawn-Marie is a people-loving, connection-building, big dreamer! She is always there to lend a hand and an idea, and she provides assistance wherever needed. Her love of working with the YEG community drives her to constantly learn and grow. Dawn-Marie has had the opportunity to work with some of Alberta's finest, which has introduced her to new people, new skills, and new concepts that helped shape who she is today. She is a big believer, with a big heart, and is one of the biggest cheerleaders for us here at TVE.

(side note: she's also addicted to cute puppy videos and coffee... preferably at the same time.)



Heather is a zestful creative who loves to bring fresh ideas and explorations to The Virtual Effect! She studies English, Media, and Rhetoric at the University of Toronto to pursue her life passions professionally in the field of digital marketing and communications. She is a writer, social media enthusiast, book lover, and future cat lady. This year, she is excited to help us grow the TVE and Elevate community to support, connect, and inspire even more people with our heart-centred mission.