What is your purpose?  Aside from profit what is your business set out to do and impact in this world?  Now, more than ever employees and consumers alike want to connect, work with, and buy from businesses that have a clear purpose statement.  A business whose values are made apparent in all that they do, they don't just talk the talk.  They show up and walk the walk, they make a difference, communicate the story, and show that they are committed to a cause impacting the greater good.  

Purposeful Partnerships

According to the 2012 Edelman goodpurpose Study "purpose is a core strategy for profit and growth based on linking an organization's reason for being to improving lives and impacting society.     

It is important to take the time to carefully choose a cause/organization that authentically align with your messaging.  The reason for strategically selecting a social cause and partner organization is to avoid "cause washing", defined in WEconomy as the false advertising of purpose.  Your brand believers (ideal clients) are savvy and will see through an insincere alignment attempt.  

Surveys are consistently and continually showing that employee needs are changing from a desire for happiness at work to a desire for meaning at work.  Stop and think about the weight of that for a moment.  

Purposeful Partnerships connects businesses with non-profit organizations that are in line from a purpose, values, and branding perspective.  The intention behind Purposeful Partnerships is to build long-term strategic partnerships that benefit both the business, the NPO, and all stakeholders on each side of the relationship.  

Purposeful Matching

Purposeful Matching is the process of discovery, alignment, and connecting with the appropriate non-profit organization.  Through this process, The Virtual Effect will do a deep dive into your business to discover your purpose statement and values and then research not for profits that align with this foundation.  You will be provided with a detailed discovery report with 3-5 non-profit matches that align with your business so that you can choose the partnership that feels best in line.  Once the partner is chosen we will build you a Charity Brand Guide.  This brand guide will detail why the partner was chosen, what your common values are, the story behind your partnership, partnership voice, approved messaging from the not for profit, partner logos, contact information.  The brand guide will also be shared with your partner so that everyone is on the same page.  The Virtual Effect will facilitate the initial connection meeting to ensure a smooth connection and partnership transition.  

  • Discovery through survey

  • Charity partner research and selection of top 3-5 matches based on survey results

  • Report on top 3-5 matches for client review

  • Charity Brand Guide Development (why were they chosen, common values, partnership voice, approved messaging, partner logos, important dates, and contact information)

  • Assist in the stakeholder engagement plan

  • Introduction to chosen charity + facilitation of kick-off meeting

Purposeful Events

Purposeful events is the process of activating the relationship, raising funds for the non-profit, as well as engaging all stakeholders on both sides of the partnership.  Each of these elements is a critical piece of developing the relationship and solidifying the partnership.      

Special note:

5% of each package price is donated to WIN House

  • Initial consultation

  • Event concept plan

  • Venue

  • Decor

  • Food & Beverage

  • Entertainment

  • Fundraising concept plan

  • Overseeing execution of coordination and logistics of the fundraising plan

  • Photographer sourcing & management

  • Social media graphic creation

  • Evite creation

  • Guest list management

  • Eventbrite setup

  • Budget creation & monitoring

  • Media kit development & plan

  • Staffing & volunteer plan for the event

  • Event host communication & coordination

  • Event agenda

  • Set up & tear down

  • Day of management & execution

  • All communication with charity partner regarding the event

  • Update meetings

  • Optional - Live event social media coverage



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