The Virtual Effect is all about connection.


Our Purpose & Engagement offering is about guiding you in giving back.


Through a TVE Impact Campaign, you can organize an intentional and meaningful plan that allows your business to have a philanthropic impact on a cause that is important to you and your brand's values. 

What does an Impact Campaign look like?

  • a fundraiser

  • in-kind donations

  • an event

  • a portion of sales donated back

  • acts of service

  • a plan to raise awareness

  • a custom product sale to raise awareness and funds

  • what you want it to look like!

An Impact Campaign is essential for your business today:

81% of millennials say they want to support brands with corporate citizenship.

90% of consumers want to know how companies are supporting charitable causes. Shoppers under the age of 40 overwhelmingly prefer to support causes they care about through giving back where they shop.

An intentional strategy that showcases your commitment to giving, to being a socially responsible business, and an active member of your community will, in turn, give back to you and your business—not to mention, giving back is personally fulfilling  for you as a human being, not just a business owner!


And don't fret: The Virtual Effect will help you through the entire process of giving back, from identifying the causes that matter most to you and your business, to customizing a flawlessly executed campaign, to developing and maintaining long-term relationships and partnerships, to managing all the little details and measuring the results. We will put our time and expertise into your unique Impact Campaign so that you can focus on running your business while we bring your philanthropic vision to life!

If you are ready to become an impactful, philanthropic leader in your community, connect with us today!