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Event Client Feature: Persian Delights

There is something inspiring and emotional about seeing people pursue their dreams. The feeling is only further elevated when it is a dream that has been a long time dreamt and you can see the beauty in the courage that person took to finally make the leap. I was gifted the connection with Monica of Persian Delights through “the Joanne”, Joanne Bartolome of YEG Marketing. Monica had a dream for many years to pursue her love of baking through a business, this business is Persian Delights and her baking is incredible!

In October 2018 we hosted a launch + tasting event, this was the formal introduction to the YEG community, a chance for people to sample her baking, meet this sweet woman, and for Monica to gain feedback from consumers before hitting local markets this spring. The event was a huge success attended by local influencers and foodies, along with family, friends, and supporters from around the city. We hosted the event at Food Central, a local co-work space just outside of downtown focused on agriculture and food-focused businesses. Monica wanted the event to be very inviting, relaxed, and feeling like home. To achieve this we filled the space with fall décor and scents while remaining on brand with orange and green accents. All of the Persian Delights treats were set up at the front of the space, displayed beautifully on a variety of platters and in the newly designed packaging.

The story of Persian Delights, and the founder Monica, was shared by Joanne (Monica’s soon to be daughter-in-law). Persian Delights is inspired by traditional Iranian cuisine, these delicately hand crafted goods are made with love by a woman who wants to bring joy, through food, to your family.

I have to share a story with you from this day to give you some insight into just how much emotion is behind this business. Event set up was finished and the room was quiet except for some acoustic music being played in the background. Monica, her son Yön, Joanne, and I were there and Monica just stepped back to look at the standup banner for her business and tears came to her eyes. The beauty of seeing her dream come to life was so evident at that moment and I am so grateful to have been witness to it. To be a part of a moment that truly was years in the dreaming, a passion becoming a reality. Thank you, Monica and Joanne for inviting me into this moment and business, I am blessed.

Persian Delights has been accepted into the St. Albert Farmers’ Market this year, follow them on social media (@persiandelightsyeg) and head to the market to try out their goods, you will not be disappointed! You can also purchase with pride knowing that you are supporting a woman who holds so much love and exudes joy in all that she does in pursuing her dream.


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