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Branding - What is it and why is it important?

What is branding and why does it matter?

When you think of branding do you think of logo? Colours? Website? Font? Or if you are new to business or if this area isn’t your thing; maybe you didn’t think of any of these things and started thinking about the next thing on your to do list.

Branding may seem like the latest catch phrase, a term many people throw around because it sounds like the right thing to discuss. The fact is, branding is an absolutely critical element of your business design. You may be wondering why? Your brand is how the market perceives you, what they feel when they think of your business, and what they think of when they see you or interact with you.

To establish long term success with the right people you want to make sure that what the market perceives of you is what you want them to see and how you want them to feel. When we take the time to understand our brand and all the components that make it up we can get all levels on point which helps up the trust factor. When what you say is consistent and matches what you do, this helps to elicit trust; and this trust is what helps lead to long term and successful relationships.

Branding encompasses so many elements; it’s important that each element get appropriate consideration. In my upcoming blog series I will dive into details on the below outlined elements.

Brand Believer

Brand Believer

Brand Believer is my coined term, but you’ve probably heard this person referred to as an ideal client, customer avatar, ideal customer, or customer profile. Regardless of what you call this person, you want to build the person who you want to work with. Once you have a complete understanding of your Brand Believer it becomes a whole lot easier to build your language and content because you know exactly who you are talking to. In my next blog we will work through the steps of building your Brand Believer.

Brand Colours

Brand Colour

Colour is an important visual element of your brand and must be used consistently. It’s important to figure out the emotions and feel you want your market to have and then determine if your brand colours line up with this determination. In an upcoming blog we will work through overviews of colours, their importance, how to effectively use your colours.

Brand Voice

Your brand’s voice needs to be a reflection of the personality you want it to portray. The voice

Brand Voice

should be used in your emails, on your website, in your social media, during meetings, everywhere you communicate. We will work through establishing your brand voice and developing a guide so that you can keep it consistent. Brand voice is one of my favourite topics to discuss because once you find is authentically you the content you need to create hits a whole new level!

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