Elevate yourself, elevate one another, and elevate your community.

We started Elevate as a way to create connection and impact with ourselves, one another, and our community. Elevate offers three types of events and we'd love for you to join us. 

Here's a little bit about each:

Impact Events

Impact Events are our initiative and commitment to our community to bring you purposeful discussion on important topics, wrapped in a beautiful evening out.  We sincerely believe that when people know better, they do better. It is with that belief that our commitment to Impact Events began.  We all know that knowledge is power, so what better way to educate ourselves than in a safe space surrounded by inspiring people and topic experts?  Impact Events happen quarterly and are welcome to everyone, all ages, all genders!

Monthly Instagram Lives

In 2021, we are doing our monthly events for March, April, June, July, September, October, and December on Instagram Live at @elevatebytve!  On the second Tuesday of each of these months at 7 pm MST, you can join us FREE to hear from a speaker who is leading the topic of the night! They share their story, wisdom, and insight to get you thinking about compelling conversations. There is always the opportunity for Q&A and, most importantly, you continue to hear inspiring stories and journeys and benefit from the wisdom of diverse people.  Another perk?  The Instagram Live format opens us up to hearing from people anywhere and everywhere!  No geographic barriers! 

Quarterly Connection Events

You can join us in person or virtually for our Quarterly Connection Events in 2021! On the second Tuesday of May, August, and November 2021, you can join us from 6 – 9 pm MST to hear from 3 incredible speakers.  Our host partner location for the year is Caffiend!  Watch for a custom menu and drink specials for each event.  For those joining us virtually, we promise you an engaging experience!  We will have an online host facilitating connection and conversation in between our speakers, so that you get just as much as if you were in person (outside of the yummy Caffiend food and drink of course). Tickets are $20 +GST with proceeds going to our community partner, WINhouse.   




COMING SOON: Elevate Web Series
In order to continue important discussions in between our Impact Events, we are launching a web series called "Impact Conversations: A Series of Meaningful Discussions", which will feature conversations with a variety of topic, issue, and cause experts.  Details will be released soon! 

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What people are saying...

"It's been an honour to be a part of the Impact Events Jocelyn has put together. She works tirelessly to create safe, welcoming spaces for everyone to have open, vulnerable, and important conversations. Her events are always so easy to take part in—they are well-organized and on schedule, and the people who attend are always amazing. I've made so many great connections!" 

–Andrea Beça, abeça productions


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