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Thanks for taking the time to check out our website and learn more about who we are and what we do, we’re happy to have you here!  We’re Jocelyn Davison and Rebecca Schulte, business partners of The Virtual Effect.


The Virtual Effect began back in 2017, by me, Jocelyn,  and was truly a journey of discovery and has continued to be one every step of the way.  What started out as a way to rediscover my passion has turned into a daily walk in my personal and professional values.  Rebecca joined the business in January 2021 adding the Purpose & Engagement arm and completed this business partnership!  


I have loved events for as long as I can remember.  It has been what I wanted to do since before my working years officially started but as the twists and turns of life inevitably happen my professional path took a very different way than what I dreamed of when I started out.  The funny things about all those off path twists and turns are the learnings, the moments, and the experiences they equip you with when you don’t even know you need them.

For Rebecca, the impact she saw in her last Community Engagement role was so inspiring and the more she talked to business owners and community members she realized this was an area that they struggled with.  The common sentiment was that there was not enough time, resources or expertise to execute meaningful giveback strategies.  This caused to her develop Purpose & Engagement to work with companies on developing and executing their giveback strategies.

What we’ve come to realize is that both Event Planning and Purpose & Engagement go hand in hand.  There are so many ways the two are intertwined and we feel like we have found a unique niche to help serve our clients.

Jocelyn & Rebecca
The founders of the event management business
Philanthropic event planning is TVE's goal

Communities will thrive through meaningful connection.



The Virtual Effect helps heart-centred organizations build community and long-lasting relationships through impactful events and meaningful giveback opportunities. 



The Virtual Effect exists to create impact that connects people, communities, and causes.



IMPACTFUL EXPERIENCES  |  We believe in creating ripples one moment, one experience at a time.

PURPOSE & PASSION  |  We believe in connecting experiences and relationships to a greater purpose with passion.

RESPECT & MINDFULNESS  |  We believe in honouring others’ beliefs, practices, and values and we are mindful of how our actions impact others.


CONNECTION  |  We believe in the power of connection with our clients, their cause, and with their community.


EXCELLENCE  |  We are committed to delivering the highest level of integrity, professionalism and value to our clients.




We’ve all heard of them, those a-ha moments, but have you ever had one?  Maybe you’ve had many….I had a really big one in 2017, one that led me down the path that I am on today.  That moment caught me questioning how I was showing up in this world and if I was truly living up to my fullest potential.  The answer in that moment was honest and hard.  The answer was I wasn’t even close to exploring my potential, let alone fulfilling it.  So I made a choice.  A choice to do what I love, to get clear on my values, to show up in the most impactful way possible.  That moment is what led me here.  


I am the founder of The Virtual Effect and Elevate, I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend, and a human who tries shows up everyday in a meaningful way.  Through this journey I have discovered passions and causes that have changed the course of my life and led me to opportunities to speak, to share, to learn, and grow.  I was honoured to deliver a TedXUalberta Talk in 2020 on human trafficking in Canada, a topic I am a huge advocate for.  I love to volunteer my time with organizations serving those who have been trafficked as well as those who have experienced domestic violence.  


I love meeting new people, I love hearing their stories, and I love helping people create connection and impact through meaningful events and purposeful partnerships.  I love all the little details and taking obscure and abstract and bringing it to life.  I love the energy that fills a room when humans are together.  I feel truly blessed to do what I do each and every day.  I also love a good cup of coffee to start the day and a delicious red wine to wrap the day up!  Thanks for stopping by ;)

Jocelyn is the founder of the virtual effect
Rebecca is responsible for community engagement



It’s fun to look back on the journey and reflect on what got me here!  After a 10 year career in real estate, I was forced to slow down and reevaluate my time.  Where and how did I want to spend it?  Starting a family and digging into who I REALLY was, was at the top of the list!  By slowing down and focusing on what mattered most, it gave me the space to look inward and seek out work that filled my soul vs my bank account (don’t get me wrong…I think you can have both!).  This led me to finding my passion in community engagement by using for-profit business for good.  I’ve realized that we can create some serious impact through being creative and using what we have!  A lightbulb went off and Purpose & Engagement was born.  


The best part of the story that got me to TVE is that it kind of happened by accident!  I was on a different path with P&E but we’ve come to realize how interconnected the events we do are to Purpose & Engagement.  My goal is to inform and work with companies to enhance their Purpose & Engagement footprint to create lasting impact.


I’m so proud to be a mom to a beautiful daughter and the wife of a driven entrepreneur.  I’m passionate about music (especially live!), wine, fashion, food and travel.  I love supporting local businesses and not for profits, volunteering and giving back where and when I can. When we have a few free days, you’ll find us at our home away from home in Lake Country.



We all know those people who have always known what they want to do in life. Those who always wanted to be a doctor, a firefighter, a vet. Me? I am not one of those people. What I did know quite early on was that I wanted to work in such a way that was fulfilling and, in a role, where I could be helpful to others. I wanted to bring my communication skills and creative flair to a place that brought value to the community. A place that understood and cared about people. That is how I ended up finding The Virtual Effect.


I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, dog mom, and friend. I am an advocate for sexual health and sexual assault education and seek to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and regularly learn about new and difficult topics. I love to create, to communicate, and to grow towards being a wholly empathetic and understanding person. I am also passionate about dogs (shoutout to my pup Meeko), a good cup of coffee, and quality time spent with the people that I love. 

Project coordinator of the virtual effect
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