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We love stories.  


At The Virtual Effect, we believe in having a deep conversation with you that allows us to see the heart of your business or organization.  We love crafting stories and building a narrative that makes a person feel like they are dancing through a scene. 


There is something incredibly fascinating about listening to how small businesses and non-profit organizations came to be and what is at their core.  With understanding, we can ensure that these values are never out of sight as your company grows, evolves, and thrives. 


Our affordable Edmonton event planning and purpose and engagement services come from a love of communication and understanding and a heart that lays in giving back to the community. Whether you are seeking an event planner for a virtual event or an in-person event in Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta, or beyond, we help you to create and communicate your story and an experience—an experience that will lead to more stories and invoke more emotion in the people who are touched by this magic. 


How does The Virtual Effect differ from other event planners and management? With us, you and your small business or non-profit organization will have a partner from the beginning that will work alongside you to understand your brand, bring your voice to life, and beautifully infuse this branding into all that you do. The Virtual Effect partners with new and growing businesses to connect them with their customers in an authentic way and develop meaningful long-term relationships. We help businesses and non-profits stand out by solidifying their branding, so they can take their brand and mission to the next level. 

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